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The cqME project is the home for Java ME platform compatibility and quality testing. The goal of the cqME project is to develop and improve the tools used to test Java ME technologies. It contains the ME Framework project, the cq3G test suite project, and is a portal to the JT harness project site. Future open source testing technologies are also expected to find a home here. You can use these technologies to create test suites, including technology compatibility kit (TCK) test suites that test the quality of Java ME technologies and the compatibility of these technologies with their specifications.

News and Announcements

ME Framework 1.2.2 Released (August 25, 2009)
The ME Framework 1.2.2 release is now available on the download page. This release went through an extensive QA cycle and is ready to be used for test suite development.

If you downloaded the ME Framework 1.2.2 development releases, please switch to this final milestone release.

The 1.2.2 release includes the following new features and improvements:

  • Support for JavaTest/JT harness version 4.x
  • New functionality that enables you to execute distributed test in CLDC mode
  • Fixes for a number of important bugs

For details, see the release notes.

JDTF 2.4 Released (May 26, 2009)
The JDTF 2.4 milestone release is based on Oracle's JDTS 2.4 release. This release includes capabilities and features that enable you to:

  • Generate new"Skeleton" test pack projects and new stub test classes
  • Write tests using the NetBeans integrated development environment
  • Run the tests on a Java ME/CLDC device
  • Debug the tests on JPDA (Java Platform Debugger Architecture) enabled emulators or devices
  • Import JDTS 2.3 Developer Kit sample projects or user-written test pack projects of the same format

For more information see the 2.4 Release Notes.


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The Java ME technology community is one of the largest software development communities in the world. The Java ME platform is the ideal development technology for the creation and deployment of mobile data services.

The cqME community delivers tools to help Java ME application and platform developers ensure platform compliance, quality and fitness. We are committed to the success of application developers, platform developers, OEMs and mobile carriers. We provide tools that focus on the following audiences:

  • Device and platform developers who wish to ensure compliance and complatibility can use the ME Framework — the same framework used by the Oracle Java ME TCKs. Developers interested in testing performance and quality can use JDTF.
  • Application developers can use JDTF — the framework used with the JDTS test suite. JATAF has chosen the JDTF as the framework on which to develop JDTS tests that will be shared with OEMs and carriers.
  • OEMs can access the cq3G test suite to verify compliance with the GSMNA Java Technical Recommendations.

The cqME communities are chartered to improve these tools and test suites, further their development, and use them to improve their platforms and applications. We encourage you to browse, download, contribute, and get involved.

Note that the JT harness project is a separate project hosted in the Java Tools community. Because the cqME technologies are so tightly linked with the JT harness technology, a link is included here. Both projects use the same governance and participation guidelines.

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