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The ME Framework is a set of JT harness plugins that supports the Java ME platform. The ME Framework is based on Oracle's Java ME TCK Framework. TCK architects use the JT harness and the ME Framework to construct TCK test suites for Java ME technologies.

News and Announcements

ME Framework 1.2.2 Released (August 25, 2009)
The ME Framework 1.2.2 release is now available on the download page. This release went through an extensive QA cycle and is ready to be used for test suite development.

If you downloaded the ME Framework 1.2.2 development releases, please switch to this final milestone release.

The 1.2.2 release includes the following new features and improvements:

  • Support for JavaTest/JT harness version 4.x
  • New functionality that enables you to execute distributed test in CLDC mode
  • Fixes for a number of important bugs

For details, see the release notes.


A TCK is a test suite and a set of tools used to certify that an implementation of a Java technology conforms both to the applicable Java platform specifications and to the corresponding reference implementations - the end result is a Java technology that is certified as compatible. TCK test suites use the JT harness for test execution and test suite management.

The ME Framework is a set of JT harness plugins that provides support for the Java ME platform. TCK architects use the JT harness and the ME Framework to construct TCK test suites for Java ME technologies.

While the ME Framework was originally designed to support TCK test suites, its use is not limited to TCKs. The test suite architect may need to extend the ME Framework with additional functionality to support custom test types or a specific platform.

Basic Features

The following ME Framework features extend JT harness functionality:

  • Test bundling (for CLDC-based test suites). Packages several tests into one downloadable test application bundle. This significantly reduces the number of application downloads as well as the quantity of code that is downloaded.
  • Parallel test execution. Enables several test devices to be connect to a JT harness host. Automated tests run concurrently on all connected devices as part of a single JT harness session.
  • Test export (for CLDC-based test suites). Creates standalone versions of automated tests that can be run without a harness-agent setup.
  • Preinstalled agent (for CLDC-based test suites). Makes it possible to preinstall shared agent classes on the device before the test run. This reduces the amount of application code that is downloaded.
  • MIDP 2.0 security. Provides functionality to handle MIDP security features, such as:
    • Permissions
    • Certificates
    • Java Archive (JAR) file signing
  • Base test suite classes and configuration interview questions. Automatically adds appropriate questions to the configuration interview.

Platform Support

The ME Framework supports the following Java ME platforms:

Platform Versions Supported
CLDC 1.0 (JSR 20)
1.1 (JSR 139)
MIDP 1.0 (JSR 37)
2.0 (JSR 118)
CDC 1.0 (JSR 36)
1.1 (JSR 218)
FP 1.0 (JSR 46)
1.1 (JSR 219)
PBP 1.0 (JSR 129)
1.1 (JSR 217)
PP 1.0 (JSR 62)
1.1 (JSR 216)

Note: Support for IMP 1.0 (JSR 195) and IMP NG 2.0 (JSR 228) is also available but is limited and has not been extensively tested.

Test Type Support

The ME Framework supports the following test types commonly used in TCKs.

  • Simple automated tests
  • Network distributed tests
  • Interactive tests
  • Over-the-air download tests for MIDP-based implementations


An agent is a separate program that works in conjunction with the JT harness to run tests on a system other than the one that is running the JT harness (typical when testing Java ME technologies). The following table shows the agents the ME Framework provides for the different application models and communication protocols available in different Java ME technologies.

Agent Platform Application Model Communication Channel
cldc_agent CLDC 1.0/1.1 Main Pluggable (HTTP by default)
midp_agent MIDP 2.0 MIDlet HTTP
midp_agent10 MIDP 1.0 MIDlet HTTP
cdc_agent CDC 1.0/1.1 Main Datagram
main_agent FP 1.0/1.1 Main Socket
xlet_agent PBP 1.0/1.1 Xlet Socket
applet_agent PP 1.0/1.1 Applet Socket

For CDC-based implementations, the agent is pre-loaded on the device and handles test download and execution. For CLDC-based implementations, agents are bundled with test applications and the application management software (AMS) handles download and execution.

ME Framework Documentation

The following document describes the ME Framework and how to use it with your TCK test suites. This document was developed for the ME Framework commercial product and is provided solely for your convenience and is not being released under GPL version 2 as part of this project. This document cannot be modified.

Download this document from Java ME Technology APIs & Docs on the web site.

ME TCK Framework Developer's Guide Describes how to use resources from the ME Framework to develop and configure test suites and tests for Java ME technologies.

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Java ME TCK Framework

If you are interested in Oracle's commercial version of this product, please see the Java ME TCK Framework page on


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